BOOM! Studios is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with a 40-page one-shot. The superhero team will face a new enemy in Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless, by writer Adam Cesare (Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal), artist Moisés Hidalgo (Dark Blood), and colorist Arthur Hesli (Heavy Metal Magazine). It will be in comic shops in June 2023.

Mistress Vile has a new plan in place that will bring the Power Rangers’ worst enemy into our world. Not only does her scheme spell disaster for the Power Rangers, it also has consequences for Drakkon. To protect the world of the Coinless, he’ll need to use Zordon’s methods.

“I got to work in the world of the Power Rangers once before, a short story way back during Shattered Grid, and I’ve wanted back in ever since. And to get to help tell this story? Drakkon assembling a new team of rangers? And the Coinless world is super messed up so the storytelling’s coloring with shades of George Romero and Mad Max? And Moisés Freakin’ Hidalgo? Come on. This is incredible,” Cesare said.

“Coming back to work with Power Rangers and Boom! Studios is such a special thing for me. As another Chilean (Pedro Pascal) says ‘This is the way.’ Adam’s scripts are really fantastic, and it’s a joy to draw each page. We are all doing our best work for all fans of the Power Rangers universe,” Hidalgo said.

“Bringing back Adam to write this horror-infused Power Rangers one-shot was a no brainer. Seeing his vision come to life with the incredible art from Moisés is a treat for every Power Rangers fan, and is a story I’m incredibly proud of,” editor Allyson Gronowitz said.

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless has a main cover by Dan Mora (Once & Future) and variants by Goñi Montes and Stephanie Hans. It will be in comic shops on June 28, 2023.