Former competitive gymnast and cartoonist Ray Nadine (Light Carries On) has written a young adult graphic novel about aspiring Olympic gymnasts. I Felt Myself Slipping, published by Oni Press, is a story about balancing life, overcoming school struggles, anxiety, and more in pursuit of the Olympic dream.

“My time as a gymnast was incredibly formative to the person I am today, and writing about my experiences through Kota and Riley felt like a way I could honor the lessons my coaches and teammates imparted on me,” Nadine said. “And I always wished there were gymnastics comics when I was a teen, so I Felt Myself Slipping is just as much for me as it is for the next generation of gymnasts!”

I Felt Myself Slipping introduces Riley Glass, a level ten gymnast who moved to a new town after losing her father in a car accident. She has a hard time fitting in with the gymnasts in her new town, in part because she is hard of hearing and her new teammates don’t know ASL. She becomes friends with Kota, a gymnast whose fear of getting injured is an obstacle in her path to improvement. Their efforts to compete at the US Classic gymnastics event will test not only their athletic abilities but also their friendship.

“With a focus on friendship, team dynamics, and mental health, I Felt Myself Slipping is perfect for fans of YA sports stories like Spinning, Heartstopper, and Check, Please!,” Senior Editor Grace Scheipeter said. “Sports, school, friendships, anxiety, and more are on the balance beam as Riley and Kota are trying to navigate all of the emotions and trials that go along with growing up while chasing their Olympic dreams.”

I Felt Myself Slipping will be in stores on September 11, 2024.