Sequels rarely live up to the original movies, often falling short of the magic captured in the first film. Aliens, however, is one of the few sequels that is considered as good as the original. This was in part due to the stylistic differences between Ridley Scott’s slow burn scare-fest in the original and James Cameron’s action-heavy sequel that turned Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) into an action heroine.

Aliens has seen multiple home media releases on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray, and is now getting the 4K UHD treatment. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition presents both the 1986 theatrical version and the 1990 special edition version with an additional 17 minutes of footage.

Special features include audio commentary by Cameron, cast, and crew; introduction by Cameron (special edition only); isolated scores by James Horner (final theatrical and the composer’s original); direct access to new and additional scenes from the special edition; the inspiration and design of the movie; the making of Aliens featurette; pre- and post-production stills and footage; and more.

The Aliens 4K UHD is open for preorders now and arrives in stores on March 12, 2024.