Rick and Morty are embarking on an adventure of rebellion, adolescence, and freedom in Rick and Morty: Youth in Rickvolt #1. Written by Michael Moreci (Barbaric) with art by Tony Gregori (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the book, the tale begins in August 2024.

“Rick’s been cagey lately – especially cagey. And secretive. After yet another misadventure with Morty goes haywire, Morty begins to pull away from his grandfather. So, Rick does what any healthy, mentally stable grandparent would do: he secretly creates a universe with new grandchildren who actually love him,” the synopsis states. “Only problem is that universe has now reached adolescence and is rebelling, threatening the entire universe. This uprising, led by a fierce, glass-eyed Morty and his army of revolutionaries, aims to fight and kill the very god that created it: Rick.”

Rick and Morty: Youth in Rickvolt #1 will open with covers by Gregori, Sarah Burrini (Nerd Girl), and Warren Wucinich (Invader Zim). The first issue arrives on August 21.