Buffy Summers is a hero, a fighter, a slayer, and now she’s the inspiration for a new makeup line. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampyre Cosmetics have collaborated on a Buffy makeup line themed around the series and its memorable vampires.

There are 45 shades in the book palette, all of which are named after Buffy episodes like “Chosen,” “Once More, With Feeling,” “The Gift,” “Hush,” and “Fool for Love.” Accompanying the palette is artwork and profiles of the show’s coolest and scariest vampires, Drusilla, Darla, and Spike.

It comes with waterproof gel eyeliner that comes in a vintage style inkpot, and it includes a velvet compact. There are three liquid lipsticks with Buffy-inspired names “Love isn’t Brains It’s Blood,” “Dead But Still Pretty,” and “Prophecy Girl” featuring a decorative crossheart.

The book palette and book box both include double sided limited edition removal magnetic prints, all housed in a replica of the Vampyr book that was famous on the show.

The officially licensed beauty collection has a special marketing campaign for the makeup line with two stars from the TV series. Juliet Landau and Julie Benz, who played the deviously delightful vampires Drusilla and Darla, respectively, are endorsing the line. The pair participated in a photo shoot that Landau designed and focuses on various time periods that their characters lived through, including Victorian London, pre-Raphaelite era Greece, Hollywood in the 1940s, and a techno costume ball at the Palace of Versailles in the current time period.

The complete collection is $109.99 and the Vampyre book palette is $79.99. It is open for preorder now.