A young woman strikes out on her own in the fairy tale inspired graphic novel Eat Your Heart Out. Co-written by Terry Blas (Reptil) and Matty Newton (Regular Show) with artist Lydia Anslow (Disenchantment), the Oni Press publication will be in stores in August 2024.

“Blanca is running away. Away from her mother – the overbearing and strict Reina – and her mother’s narrow idea of what shape Blanca’s life should take. While Reina finds Blanca’s dream of pursuing fashion design a wasteful flight of fancy, Blanca sees possibility… and she knows if she doesn’t leave now, she might never,” per the description.

“Of course, following your passion isn’t easy, and when Blanca arrives in New York City without a job or a roof over her head, she’s rescued by a kindly baker named Emile, who takes her in. With Emile comes his eclectic group of roommates, all living in the same brownstone, who welcome Blanca into their weird, wonderful world. Together, Blanca and her new chosen family discover that love and encouragement are key ingredients in the recipe for making your dreams come true,” the description continues.

Eat Your Heart Out arrives in comic shops on August 13.