Marvel; $3.99

Kamala has been protecting the people of Jersey City for a few years now, but it’s time for a new chapter to unfold for Ms. Marvel. Just when things start to fall into a regular routine for her, Kamala’s father finds out about her dual life as a superhero – and tells her to put an end to it immediately. But she’s hardly been one to really abide by authority, so when she gets a call about a monster attacking the Circle Q, off she goes… only to find out that the true danger is lurking in her own home.

This is the first issue for a whole new Ms. Marvel series, and the first to be written by Saladin Ahmed. I’ve been reading Kamala’s stories since the get-go and I’ve grown very attached to the character, so I’m happy to say that I’m so pleased with Ahmed’s first take on her. I’ve felt that Ms. Marvel has very much become the face of the new younger generation of Marvel’s characters, and I have high hopes for this new volume of stories. Fortunately it seems as though they’re getting off on the right foot here (and this is actually a solid jumping-on point for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with her).

-Carrie Wood