Marvel; $4.99

Malekith has been defeated and the War of the Realms is over. But the major players – Daredevil, Jane Foster, Loki, and the Punisher – must contend with what’s been left behind.

Daredevil struggles with having been a god, giving up that godhood, and asks his own god for guidance. Though he relinquishes the sword to Heimdall, the two take one last look at the realms together to see what sort of future they’ve ensured for everyone. Jane has to contend with the fact that the hammer has shattered and become something new entirely, and chooses to use that power to become the new Valkyrie. Loki travels to the realm of the Frost Giants as their new king and makes quite the impression on one of the younger, smaller giants. And for the Punisher – Frank Castle isn’t someone who often rests, and he once again finds a new battle to fight.

Even if you didn’t follow War of the Realms closely, this makes for a solid little compilation issue to wrap up some of the events and set up plenty of things to come. I only read a few of the War of the Realms tie-in books but I found this one-shot Omega to be enough of a taste of some upcoming series to put the likes of Valkyrie and Loki on my reading list.

-Carrie Wood