BOOM!; $3.99

This issue starts with a flashback to when the Rangers debated the pros and cons of adding Tommy to their team. In the present, Jason gets a visit from someone who helped restore the Morphin Grid who needs help because now morphin energy is leaking through the universe. Billy is frustrated by the possibility of losing power like Tommy did and Kim has an awkward encounter with her ex-boyfriend. Then as Trini and Zack enjoy a day of volunteering with kids, they are attacked by one of Zedd’s monsters.

Ryan Parrott and Sina Grace put a lot into this issue. Each of the Rangers is dealing with their own concerns and anxieties over being superheroes. Their worries come across realistically and fit well into the complexities of their lives. The emotional aspect grounds this series, bringing together a solid teen story with a fun, campy hero premise.

-Amanda Sheriff