KaBOOM!; $9.99

Step into the Land of Ooo for another exciting adventure with the alternate versions of Finn and Jake, using gender swapped characters! It’s a very special day in the Land of Ooo for Fionna the Human, which can only mean one thing – an epic surprise party! In order to keep Fionna distracted, Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee enlist the help of Cake to keep Fionna busy with adventures as they prepare the biggest surprise party in history. 

As Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee busy themselves at the castle, Cake drags Fionna to a little dungeon in Mountain Kingdom called the Bonesplints for some adventuring. But as this dungeon turns into more of a prison, things back at the castle are taking a turn for the worse. Prince Gumball’s animating experimental serum has turned Fionna’s cake into a monster, putting the entire Candy Kingdom at risk. Can everyone band together to save the day or is the end of Ooo…and maybe even a friendship?

Writer Kate Sheridan (Fallow Time) and artist Vivian Ng (Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra - Turf Wars) lead the heroines of Ooo on an exciting journey of danger and friendship with this new volume. 

Braelynn Bowersox