KaBOOM; $14.99

Put down the bottle and hike up your diaper, because it’s storytelling time with the Rugrats!

One at a time, the babies compete to see who can craft the best tale featuring the mighty Reptar. Phil and Lil reunite Reptar with his twin, Angelia leads Super Cynthia in a heroic battle, Susie Carmichael chimes in with a fairy tale about a misunderstood beast, and Dr. Tommy offers a story about the time his Reptar Researching team met the famed dino. Grandpa Lou even gets in on the action, recounting his journey through the jungles of Guadalcanal in 1942, where he encountered a huge dinosaur…

Later on, it’s a Rugrats family vacation to the mountains, complete with the annual argument between Grandpa Lou and Boris over which holiday is better: Hanukkah or Christmas. Determined to prove his holiday is the best, Boris starts giving Tommy and the babies a history lesson on the Golem which sets their imaginations ablaze. Perhaps a bit too much. The babies now feel they have to save Hanukkah from the Golem before it steals the holiday away for good!

This collection of Rugrats romps features the literary and artistic talents of Nicole Andelfinger, Daniel Kibblesmith, Cullen Crawford, Esdras Cristobal, Brittney Williams, Laura Langston, Ilaria Catalani, and Kate Sherron.

Braelynn Bowersox