Marvel; $3.99

Melissa has hijacked Tony Stark’s armory and allied herself with some of the most notorious villains in the universe, including Doctor Doom, Baron Mordo and MODOK, to name a few. And despite Doreen’s ability to suit up her pals with squirrel suits (literally a suit made of squirrels), taking down Melissa once and for all is proving to be a serious challenge. That is, until backup arrives in the form of some unexpected help. And when Doom decides to take advantage of the situation before him, it’s on Doreen to save everyone else – but at what cost?

As The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl nears its conclusion, the stakes have inched ever higher, and this issue has the tension easily at its peak. The battle against Melissa and Doom is the culmination of every rivalry and alliance, no matter how strange, that Doreen has forged over the last several years. It’s been just so satisfying to read and while I’m going to be bummed when this series ends, I can tell that it’s bound to conclude in a grand fashion.

-Carrie Wood