Titan; $3.99

You’ve heard of The Fast and the Furious….well get ready for The Fey and the Furious. The latest miniseries in Ben Aaronovitch’s award-winning urban fantasy series Rivers of London begins a new story of fast cars and fairy queens, led by none other than Wizarding cop Peter Grant.

Fresh from suspension, the Detective Inspector continues his search for the truth behind a supernatural smuggling operation deep in the heart of London’s magical underbelly and finds that trouble never lies far from the race track. When a flash car belonging to a young racer from England washes up in the Netherlands with some unusual cargo, Grant takes his orange ‘asbo’ Ford Focus to infiltrate the underground street racing organization. But Grant soon finds himself sucked back into an Otherworld – a real life fairyland – where old enemies await. 

Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel pen an enticing tale where everything is more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, artist Lee Sullivan brings the excitement of street racing and the wonders of the Otherworld clear off the page. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today.

Braelynn Bowersox