DC Comics; $3.99

For whatever reason, the first issue of Blue And Gold didn’t grab me as much as it should have, and I didn’t understand why. Writer Dan Jurgens created Booster Gold and no one knows him better. And Ryan Sook? Well, even without his stunning work on Kamandi in Wednesday Comics, the guy illustrated one of my favorite covers ever (The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #48, in case you need to check), and he’s one of the greatest artists working in the business today. So, what went wrong?

As it turns out, nothing.

I reread Blue and Gold #1 today after I picked up #2, and it turns out that maybe I was having a bad day or something. Reading it was a pretty joyous experience. This series – all two issues of it – is great.

It captures that Justice League International vibe and infuses it with the social media lunacy of today and a ton of action. The second issue is written by Dan Jurgens, and penciled, inked and colored by Ryan Sook, who also provided the cover. It’s every bit as beautiful as the first, picks up where the first one left off, and I already find myself wishing this series wasn’t only eight issues long.

– J.C. Vaughn