Entity Eye Entertainment; $6 per issue

In the future, time travel is not only possible, it’s a thriving vacation industry. It’s also a way that criminals try to gain advantage of their present by changing the past. That’s where the Bureau of Time Enforcement comes in.

John Bowden is a federal marshal who travels back through time to stop people from changing things, stealing things, messing up time, or trying to hide in a time period that is not their own. It’s a risky job, dealing with dangerous, desperate people, and the threat of too much radiation exposure from making the jumps through time.

The series opens after a routine mission when Bowden is told the shocking news that his old partner, Moze, was killed by someone he knows. Furious at the betrayal (and fighting an ominous, nagging cough) Bowden volunteers to bring in the murderer and seek justice for his fallen friend.

Writers Suzy Stein and Fernando Perez have created a solid foundation for this series and a strong hook. The world building is well thought out with detailed introductions on the Department of Time and the logistics of time tourism, as well as the equipment used by the marshals. Then we meet Bowden (a recovering addict who is obviously devoted to his job), his new partner Reeves (who initially comes off like a cocky, macho cop), and a handful of other tough, law enforcers.

We also learn important details about the Bureau of Time Enforcement and Bowden’s background, all with the undercurrent that there’s definitely more to the story of time travel and those who control it. The art by Cris Bolson and colors by Dinei Ribeiro enrich the story with clearly defined characters and detailed backgrounds of the futuristic technology.

The first two issues are now available through Entity Eye Entertainment and the third is slated for September 2022.

-Amanda Sheriff