Dynamite; $3.99

Elvira has been hopping through the fictional worlds of horror movies, narrowly avoiding the knife of Norbert Bloch, the axe of Nick Torrents, and the sharp teeth of the Nostrohno’s recent addition. Now, her cinematic scenic tour has dropped Elvira into a nightmare of a situation with Teddy Luger.

Four issues into this series and the witty dialogue, smart comedy, and horror references are still coming strong. The book is lighthearted and a fast read, but the creative team of writer David Avallone, artist Silvia Califano, and colorist Walter Pereyra clearly put a lot of thought into every page. The artwork gives us physical comedy and top notch likenesses of the actors who play the characters from the films. There are horror and pop culture easter eggs everywhere that horror fans, and really any movie buff can enjoy.

The story has been fun throughout, but this issue adds a new layer that, while surprising, makes complete sense and could lead into a whole new set of adventures for our Mistress of the Dark.

-Amanda Sheriff