Frank Miller Presents; $7.99

Frequently when a creator revisits a character with which they’ve had an inextricable association, the results are disappointing. Frank Miller may well be immune to that truism. First with his second stint on Daredevil, then his return to the Batman in Dark Knight III: Master Race, and now with Ronin. It’s as if he never stepped away from the property.

The original Ronin successfully fused bombastic action with many of Miller’s influences at the time, including Moebius and manga. It’s the manga that comes to the forefront here, without losing the blend of samurai and science fiction. And if this issue is any indication, Miller’s return to this creator-owned world needs to come with this disclaimer: Fasten your seatbelts.

The art (layouts by Miller, finished art by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques) is in black and white – again, a step more toward manga – is beautiful and it moves the story along in powerful strokes. And like all great comics, this one leaves you wanting more.

As his first entry from the company that carries his name, Frank Miller has a winner.

– J.C. Vaughn