DC Comics; $59.99

In its 1,320 pages, Milestone Compendium Two picks up where Milestone Compendium One left off. It includes Blood Syndicate #13-23, Hardware #13-21, Icon #11-21, Static #9-20, Shadow Cabinet #1-4, Steel #6-7, Superboy #6-7, Superman: The Man of Steel #35-36, and Worlds Collide #1.

With some great stories from writers Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III (among others) and fantastic art by Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon, M.D. Bright, ChrisCross, and Humberto Ramos, one of the additional appeals this volume possesses is that it finally reprints the Worlds Collide crossover event, which was the first time the Milestone characters met their DC counterparts. It’s nice to have Worlds Collide all in one place at last.

Just as an aside, it always seemed a bit odd that with the incredible array of talent on the Superman titles at the time (and seriously, those were the days!), the Milestone parts of the crossover seemed a few notches above the DC installments. Such subjective evaluations, though, are what great comic book debates are made of.

– J.C. Vaughn