BOOM!; $4.99

The Harrower is a boogeyman who has plagued the small town of Barlowe for years. While the adults engage in their own rituals acknowledging the atrocities committed by the Harrower, the teens have descended upon a secluded lake house for a party.  

The first issue did the typical set up for a new comic, but if readers expect creators Justin Jordan and Brahm Revel to follow a second issue pattern, they are wrong. Harrower #1 ended with a shocker that main character Jessa’s boyfriend Reed worships the monster – so much so that he sacrificed their friend Alex to it. In the second issue, the creators insert foreboding tension, then quickly ramp up the action. It’s a refreshing change to horror story structure and there’s plenty of backstory that still needs to be told to pull readers back for issue three.  

-Amanda Sheriff