Dark Horse Comics; $4.99

Something is Killing the Children writer James Tynion IV and Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming have teamed up to create a very interesting nonfiction comic book series. Their first story comes from the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book, the service’s effort to document UFO sightings and reported interactions.

Tynion and Oeming tell the story of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, a tale widely publicized and one that set a framework for many of the alien encounter stories that would come in the following years.

Their approach is factual – or at least non-sensational – and fans of these creators will not be surprised to find that they have created a very compelling read. Tynion’s script is tight, and Oeming’s art seamlessly blends character moments, storytelling, and style, as he as has been doing for years.

Each of the issues has a back-up story as well. In the first, Tynion and artist Klaus Janson team-up for “True Weird: Coney Island.” In the second, Oeming writes and illustrates “True Weird: The Green Children.”

– J.C. Vaughn