Titan Comics; $3.99

Aruto Hidden, the new CEO of the Hiden Intelligence corporation and new Kamen Rider Zero-One, has been engaged in losing battle with Ragnarök, a villain who is stealing Progrisekeys to gain more power. But surviving the fight isn’t his only challenge today: he also has to face the vice president of Hiden and AIM officers, all while trying to learn Ragnarök’s endgame.

Kamen Rider Zero-One by writer Brandon Easton, artist Hendry Prasetya, and colorist Bryan Valenza has put Aruto in a tough spot. Responsibility has been piled on him, despite the fact that he clearly wasn’t ready, and to make matters worse, a truly terrible villain chose now as his moment to strike. It reads like a Kamen Rider movie with the hero isolated, second guessing himself, but still willing to be brave and fight.

For the most part, anyone can enjoy this series even if they are unfamiliar with Kamen Rider. Especially the messages of determination and hope.

-Amanda Sheriff