Titan; $3.99

Life has not been easy for Aruto Hiden since he became the CEO of Hiden Intelligence corporation and the new Kamen Rider. The company’s bigwigs aren’t happy with him in charge and fellow Kamen Riders Vulcan and Valkyrie constantly belittle him. Then there’s the fact that Ragnarok has activated the Thousand Progrisekey and is now the size of a building.

The Kamen Rider Zero-One limited series comes to a conclusion in this issue, and the creative team of writer Brandon Easton, artist Hendry Prasetya, and colorist Bryan Valenza deliver the action. Aruto may not be a readymade superhero like some, but it works to his advantage as he uses tenacity and his own brand of bravery to fight Ragnarok.

This was an enjoyable series for Kamen Rider fans while still being accessible to comic readers who enjoy science fiction and a good old fashioned underdog story.

-Amanda Sheriff