Titan; $3.99

Agent Scarlett Carver of the Covert Investigation Group is looking for LADON, a dangerous computer program that can access and override anyone’s computer system, which was stolen by a defense contractor. What she doesn’t know yet is that Simon Klass, the mastermind behind her most recent mission, has LADON and is using it to infiltrate governments, work with organized crime, and learn the inner workings of Chase Couture, the front for the Covert Investigation Group.

Des Taylor is doing a great job as both the writer and artist on Scarlett Couture: The Munich File. The storyline is complex, but not confusing, with multiple dangerous (not to mention attractive) players involved. But for all the time Scarlett spends investigating this case, she is also in action fighting henchmen like only the coolest spies can.

Artistically, Taylor has such a distinct animation style that makes great use of contrast. Everything is slick and shiny when it’s juxtaposed next to dramatic shadows, and the focal point is always sharp while the periphery appears fuzzy as if it were shot with a camera. If you enjoy that Mission: Impossible popcorn movie style espionage thriller, then check out Scarlett Couture.

-Amanda Sheriff