AWA; $3.99

Sarah Ross is a superpowered thief who stole from the wrong wealthy person, and that person just murdered Sarah’s fiancé and sons. It also unleashed something inside of Sarah, known as Raven. Something terrible, powerful, and seeking bloody vengeance for the deaths of her loved ones.

J. Michael Straczynski ended the first issue of The Madness with an “oh no, something really bad is about to happen” moment when Sarah transformed into Raven. Now for issue two, he takes readers back into Sarah and Raven’s history by telling their origin story, then returns to the present where Raven has acquired her first targets.

The tension that Straczynski sets up in the story is dramatically illustrated by penciler ACO, inker David Lorenzo, and colorist Marcelo Maiolo. They present the action from many different angles and perspectives, clean lines that add to the realism, and colors that bring the light and dark aspects together nicely.

-Amanda Sheriff