Archie; $3.99

Hell has been unleashed on Earth and Madam Satan is on the run from Lucifer’s forces. After Greendale falls, Madam Satan flees to a new town where she meets another magic wielder in a dilapidated house. Is this a person who can help Madam Satan summon the Eldritch Terrors and stop Lucifer?

Madam Satan Hell on Earth #1 by Eliot Rahal, artist Vincenzo Federici, and colorist Ellie Wright is a deeper, more complex entry in Archie’s Chilling Adventures line. From start to finish, the art sets up a dark, unrelenting world since Hell opened up. Madam Satan is by no means a hero, and though she is hoping to send demons back to Hell, she isn’t exactly helping others in the meantime. It’s a good, scary book with more to come.

-Amanda Sheriff