BOOM!; $19.99

The world has been ravaged by climate change and the wealthiest people have fled the Earth to live in luxury on a space station called the First Resort. The station still needs workers like Security Liaison Elise, whose job just got harder because someone brutally murdered a prominent resident of the First Resort.

But that’s just the first death. More of the rich citizens die in horrible ways, and to stop a panic, Elise must investigate quietly. As the violence continues, Elise – who is also trying to kick a drug habit – becomes more and more paranoid about who could be killing the rich.

If it wasn’t obvious from the title, Know Your Station is about the disparity between the rich and powerful, and everyone else. Written by Sarah Gailey (who wrote Eat the Rich, which has similar themes), the comic examines ways that the powerful hold onto their power and reap its benefits. But, it’s also a murder mystery and Elise must figure out whodunit before fingers get pointed her way. It’s a slow burn mystery that ties together quite well in the end.

-Amanda Sheriff