Frank Miller Presents; $7.99

When Frank Miller and Dan DiDio first announced the formation of Frank Miller Presents and the return of Ronin, I had no idea of how it would work. The original was and remains one of my all-time favorites, not only for its story and the amazing number of influences Miller put into it, but also for what it did for comics at the time. A powerful legacy, to be sure, but it’s also a lot to live up to and it was a pretty complete story to boot.

Miller, writing and doing layouts for most of the series with Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques on pencils and inks, respectively, have answered that pretty successfully. The science fiction and manga influences of the original have been at the forefront of this new incarnation.

For this issue, though, it’s Miller writing and illustrating with Henriques on inks and tones. While the manga influence still organically flows from the original Ronin, this one has a bit of that Moebius juice that so populated the earlier incarnation. It truly works.

I can’t wait to see where this story ends up.

– J.C. Vaughn