Dynamite; $3.99

Ash Williams is in trouble…big surprise, right? After vanquishing Evil Ash in the Middle Ages, Ash was transported back to the future. Unfortunately, he missed his desired exit point and is now in the year 2093 facing Deadites and robots. Meanwhile, Evil Ash made his way to 1993 to cause a ruckus in Ash’s life, and back in 1300 a group of bad men are trying to resurrect Evil Ash.

Tony Fleecs is putting a lot into the latest Army of Darkness comic. The three timelines offer a variety of elements to keep the book action-packed and entertaining, from magic-practicing monks in the past to robots in the future and the unappealing side of working in retail. The art by Justin Greenwood and colors by Brad Simpson are both cartoony and bloody, giving the book the comedic/horror aspects of the movie.

-Amanda Sheriff