AWA; $3.99

In Rumpus Room, Bob Schrunk is a filthy rich billionaire with a skin condition who holds people captive in his fortress of a house and uses them to improve his physical appearance. So far, his captives have included curious contractors who worked on the house, his transgendered child, and police officer Erica Hernandez, who was imprisoned with her gun still on her.

The third issue represents the halfway point of the miniseries by Mark Russell, artist Ramon Rosanas, and colorist Ive Svorcina. Bob gives his corporate lawyer a lecture about the source of his success and his lack of concern over consequences. Meanwhile in the Rumpus Room, Erica learns more about her fellow captors and the situation she has found herself in.

Rumpus Room is a dark satire about a rich man using everyone else as if they’re lives are meaningless. It’s also a study in how quickly people can turn on each other or join forces in order to survive. If that wasn’t enough, Bob’s guards are dressed as giant stuffed animals and he has a strange taste in art that adds a bizarre quality to the book.

-Amanda Sheriff