Dynamite; $4.99

Elvira has bested the likes of Vlad the Impaler, ancient gods, even Lucifer himself, and now… she just wants to relax. Which, of course, is the moment that H.P. Lovecraft interrupts her dream to enlist her help. Lovecraft is searching for the last copy of the Necronomicon before dark forces find it and use it to bring Old Ones back to destroy the world.

The Elvira in Monsterland team of writer David Avallone, artist Kewber Baal, and colorist Walter Pereyra are back for a new tale of comedy and horror. In this first issue, the creators establish a tenuous alliance between the Mistress of the Dark and the science fiction author. Elvira doesn’t hold back in her disapproval of Lovecraft’s misdeeds, but she doesn’t abandon her naughty sense of humor along the way.

-Amanda Sheriff