Zenescope; $6.99

Robyn Locksley, aka Robyn Hood, protects New York City from the monsters and horrors that threaten the Big Apple. Belle DiMarco has fought dangerous creatures all over the world for much of her life. Now, the two heroines must join forces to stop a dangerous, deadly mistake that was made at a secret military base.

Fairy Tale Team-Up Robyn Hood and Belle #1 by Dave Franchini is like a fun summer action movie. Robyn and Belle have distinct, assertive personalities that mesh well together while taking on the monsters and villainous humans in the story. They are both cool, tough women who are quite entertaining in their respective fairy tale roles.

The art was produced by the team of artists Giada Belviso and Rodrigo Xavier, with colorists Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Jorge Cortes, and Grostieta. The collaboration produces attractive, detailed art that sets the scene in every panel. The 48-page book is definitely worth the cover price.

-Amanda Sheriff