Zenescope; $6.99

On Plum Island, just 100 miles from New York City, a government-run lab has been studying dangerous diseases and looking for cures. One of the more unseemly methods of research has been experimenting on (insert torturing) a powerful, humanoid/plant being named Eden. Sick of being used and hurt by humans, Eden is looking for a path to freedom and revenge.

Horror and Fantasy Illustrated Plum Island #1 is a horror story and morality tale. The story by Dave Franchini is one of humans following the ends justify the means credo by treating another lifeform as nothing but a resource. Their punishment comes in the form of a powerful, frightening monster brought to life by artists Allan Otero and Rodrigo Xavier, and colorist Leonardo Paciarotti. It’s a fast paced, twisted tale with villains on both sides.

-Amanda Sheriff