AWA; $3.99

Things are not going well for Cole and Tess. They’re expecting their first child when Cole gets the surprising news that his absentee father has died and left Cole his house. That’s when he found his dad’s little black book, which is full of shady information. One accident later, puts Cole and Tess onto the radar of some bad people who want the little black book.

The third issue by Jeff McComsey is packed with information. Cole is reunited with someone from his past, his dad’s secrets are revealed, and he learns who is after him now and why. It’s the kind of crime book where normal people make the wrong choices, and the hero is also a bad guy.

Felipe Cunha and Marco Lesko are doing a great job on the art and colors, respectively. The characters are realistic, and their emotion is clearly rendered. Each panel is filled with details, defining each scene and portion of the action.

-Amanda Sheriff