Dynamite; $19.99

An archeological dig has unearthed an artifact tied to the Army of Darkness, and unfortunately, it has ended up in the hands of the mad scientist Dr. Herbert West. So once again, Ash Williams will be called upon to stop the deadites and defeat the Necronomicon.

From there, Ash and Herbert are on a collision course toward each other with plenty of deadites in between. Ash finds a new ally and goes on a quest while Herbert plans to steal a magical object that would have major repercussions.

The first issue of Army of Darkness Vs Re-Animator Necronomicon Rising is as strange and funny as it should be. Herbert ends up with another talking head, though one that’s a bit more special than he’s used to, and Ash is making the usual jokes and creative attacks against the deadites. Writer Erik Burnham, artist Eman Cassallos, and Jorge Sutil started the new series with a bang.

The series is exactly what it should be: over the top horror with some comedy to lighten it up. Herbert is every bit the mad scientist and Ash is his best cocky self with gory deadites everywhere. The story moves along nicely from issue to issue.

-Amanda Sheriff