BOOM!; $4.99

Brynne Brautigan is a wildlife photographer seeking a shot at an elusive, nearly extinct bird in the remote, frozen area of Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Canada. Instead of getting that desired photo, she witnesses what appeared to be a confrontation and possibly a murder between two climbers on the top of a nearby peak. Now, Brynne is obsessed with uncovering the truth – and unwittingly putting herself in danger.

The first issue of Blow Away emphasized the isolation Brynne experiences on Baffin Island, now in the second issue, writer Zac Thompson focuses on Brynne’s determination to solve what happened. She is facing a hostile environment, not just from the frigid environment, but also from the unfriendly locals. Artist Nicola Izzo, colorist Francesco Segala, and color assistant Gloria Martinelli do a great job at capturing the chilly reception she receives in town by keeping faces in shadow or just showing scowls.

The mystery deepens once Brynne finds the climbers’ GoPro, and the build up is making this a book not to be missed.

-Amanda Sheriff