Dynamite; $3.99

Stitch has been traveling from place to place while trying to evade the Cluster Sovereign who want to harvest Stitch’s DNA to become more destructive. He fled Australia and has landed in Mumbai, India, where Stitch meets a group of kids making a monster movie. When Jumba and Pleakley discover his location, Lilo is determined to bring him back to Kaua’i.

Stitch interrupting the filming of a monster movie is both funny and cute, and adding in the Cluster Sovereign’s drones makes for a lot of action. Writer Greg Pak and artist Giulia Giacomino are doing a very good job of adapting Lilo & Stitch. Pak has the humor and heart down and Giacomino is mirroring the animated movie’s designs and colors. It’s one of Dynamite’s best Disney adaptations.

-Amanda Sheriff