Archie; $3.99

The comic starts by introducing Poolnoodle, a Deadpool parody who breaks the fourth wall and makes meta jokes by trying to create the perfect movie with way too many characters. The bulk of the issue is devoted to Betty’s trip down the yellow brick road when she receives a bump on the head while reading The Wizard of Oz.

Archie & Friends Blockbuster Movies #1 features a cover by Steven and Lily Butler with Rosario “Tito” Peña that spoofs Rambo, Kill Bill, Wizard of Oz, and Ghostbusters. Writer Ian Flynn kicks things off with the clever Poolnoodle story that good-naturedly pokes fun at superhero movies. Then regular Archie creator Dan Parent wrote a cute adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s story by transporting the Riverdale gang to Oz. Here’s hoping more Blockbuster issues are on the way!

-Amanda Sheriff