BOOM! Studios; $4.99

Will Profane is a private investigator working in Los Angeles who is starting an unbelievable new case. It’s so shocking, in fact, that the first discovery he makes sends Will into a tailspin. Trying to recover from a lapse in memory, he retraces his steps to find out what happened to writer Spud Coltrane while avoiding threats from his nemesis, Red Glove.

Profane by writer Peter Milligan, artist Raül Fernandez, and colorist Giada Marchisio is a love letter to old school detective stories. The first issue makes references to The Big Sleep and Mickey Spillane novels, there are intentionally cheesy one-liners, dark corners, and femme fatales. Much of the first issue leaves the reader confused along with Will, until the pieces start coming together for an unreal thriller.

-Amanda Sheriff