Valiant; $4.99

Colin King, aka Ninjak, is the former leader of MI6’s Ninja Program who possesses exceptional combat skills and the most advanced weapons and technology that his large bank account can buy. Angela Alcott, aka Roku, was an MI6 agent until she apparently died and was revived by dark magic to become an assassin. The two deadly individuals are also ex-lovers and current mortal enemies.

Ninjak is sent on a mission to find a girl named Marybeth who has had a cybernetic implant put in her brain that gives her the ability to access any and all electronic data. But when Ninjak discovers a possible location, he learns that Roku is also looking for the girl. Given how powerful Marybeth is, it doesn’t take long for the enemies to realize they aren’t the only ones seeking the girl.

Writer A.J. Ampadu and artist Emiliano Correa have succinctly reintroduced both characters, from their moody, complicated personalities to their awesome skills. The creators have also laid the groundwork for a good story that forces the two leads to confront their messy history and the obvious odds against keeping Marybeth safe. Ninjak vs. Roku is off to a great start.

-Amanda Sheriff