Frank Frazetta has been lauded in the art community for many years, praising his artwork from imaginative fantasy to unflinchingly realistic depictions of war. While his work pops up in a variety of auctions, it’s steadily found at Frazettagirls.com.

The site blends informational content with art appreciation and collecting opportunities. It features a biography on Frazetta, blog posts about the site and their activities, and the gallery showcases his art in comics, watercolors, pencils, and pen and ink. Collectors have the chance to purchase stickers, embroidered patches, enamel pins, sticker sets, t-shirts, phone cases, and books on his work. For art fans that want a fresh piece on their walls, they have art prints, art on canvas, limited edition giclée, and pen and ink art.

Frazettagirls.com has been active since 2014, created by Sara Frazetta, Frank’s granddaughter.