As you probably know, the first issue Overstreet's Comic Price Review is out, and as you might suspect the reaction's beginning to roll in.

"We're really pleased to hear from as many collectors as we have," said Gemstone Publishing's price guide guru, Robert M Overstreet. "It's always great to hear such positive feedback."

"Overstreet's Comic Price Review is a shot in the arm for the seasoned and novice collector," said Dale Moore of http://www.comics4kids.org.

"I am pleased with the publication and I think it was concise and to the point with much needed information. Gemstone is doing an incredible job of taking on another segment of the comic book market," said collector Brian Block.

" The newsletter is a great step in the right direction and I enjoyed seeing comic memorabilia included. I look forward to seeing future issues," Adam Reid, another collector, noted.

"The information on CGC sales in Overstreet's Comic Price Review is a great tool for collectors and dealers as knowledge is power," said Peter Dixon of Paradise Comics.

OCPR is available at leading comic book specialty shops and subscriptions can be ordered online. Just visit http://www.gemstonepub.com/ocpr.

br><br>Our vote goes to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. From their first big-screen appearance together in 1928's <i>Steamboat Willie</i>, these mice have been inseparable. And can anyone blame Mickey for his undying devotion to this resplendent rodent? She's every bit the dainty damsel--sometimes in distress, as she is 1933's Oscar-nominated <i>Building a Building </i>and 1995's <i>Runaway Brain</i>, and sometimes caught in a love triangle, as in 1936's <i>Mickey's Rival</i>.<br><br>For a while, batting her long lashes while swooning and uttering phrases like "Why, hello!" and "Aren't you sweet?" and "Oh, Mickey..." were Minnie's only defining characteristics. A faithful devotee to Disney's leading Mouse, Minnie has stood by her man for over 70 years. They've seen each other through wars (as featured in the 1944 short, <i>First Aiders</i>, in which Minnie tries to aid the war effort by learning to bandage the wounded and collecting glycerin-based fat for use in explosives) and love triangles (as in <i>Mickey's Rival</i>, where Mortimer Mouse struggled in vein to win Minnie's affe