The CGC Forum Philanthropy has raised a combined $1,250 for CBLDF, ACTOR, and Comics4Kids through a forum auction with 12 forum members donating over 30 items. In the June 27th issue, we mentioned that CGC Forum members had initially been trying to raise $1,000 for the comic related charities. David Matteini, also known as DAM60 on the CGC Forum, was responsible for organizing and running the event. "Charity is something that is very important to me. I have had a great time in the comic book community and the CGC Forums and realized that it is time to do something for those in the hobby who could really use a helping hand. The three charities that we have chosen all focus on vital though different areas of our community and provide a needed service. Yet they all are in need of more funds and support. I'm thrilled that the forum members all felt as strongly as I do and have contributed," said David Matteini.

After including the recent eBay listings that the forum members have amassed the current total amount raised has reached $1,500. "This was not CGC's idea and it is great to see collectors taking an interest in supporting the comic charities in the hobby," remarked CGC Primary Grader Steve Borock. CGC has also joined the call to philanthropy and has donated economy and standard certifications to be sold with the proceeds benefiting the charities.

"It was a privilege and extremely cool experience hosting the impromptu DAM60 First Annual Forum Philanthropy Drive Auction #1. I was impressed with David's energy and wanted to support him somehow. I decided to post six of my CGC books in a "Forum Only Auction" and shortly after I did so an avalanche of support came at me hard and fast! The forum members came up HUGE and totally blew my expectations away! It goes to show you how good intentions can snowball into something awesome when you have a core of good people involved. Hats off to David and the CGC Forumites!" commented forum member Bruce Coller.

Forum member Greg Loey stated, "I have always been open to contributing financially to charitable causes in my everyday life. Therefore, when the time came to donate books, it was an easy choice to donate books that I knew our members would cherish. Plus, knowing that it was going to such worthy causes made it much more easy."

The efforts of the CGC Forum members are not confined only to the forum. CGC books and submissions are being offered on eBay under the user id "cgcforums." The sales on eBay, with the exception of the economy submissions to CGC, will be going to Comics4Kids charity for an ad in The Overstreet Price Guide #34. Future items will also be offered on eBay.

You can join the CGC Forum here: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?Cat

For more information on The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund:

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For more information on Comics4Kids:

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