Overstreet's Comic Price Review #7 will be the first issue to feature a full-color cover, spotlighting Billy Tucci's Shi, which recently landed at Dark Horse Comics. Tucci and painter Mark Sparacio collaborated on this piece as well as the covers for the new mini-series.

The pricing newsletter, which is a monthly guide detailing pricing for certified comics in the high end range of 9.0 to 10.0, will continue on the same interior stock but will add the full-color cover.

"We're very excited to be taking the next step in the continuing evolution of Overstreet's Comic Price Review," said J.C. Vaughn, Gemstone's Executive Editor. "The market for certified comics has been incredible, and it's great to have a cover that will help in calling attention to that."

Scheduled to go on sale in March, this issue features the latest sales, market reports, auction news, and more. The cover price, $6.25, will not change with the addition of the color cover.

Recent issues have included market reports from Heritage Comics Auctions, Mark Wilson of PGC Mint; William Insignares of Demolition Comics, Steve Mortenson of Colossus Comics, Will Moulton of MileHighComics.com, Phil Schlaefer of Comic Collector Shop, our own Mark Squirek of Diamond International Galleries, Matt Nelson of Classic Conservations, Bob Storms of HighGradeComics.com, Peter Dixon of Paradise Comics, Bill Hughes, All-Star Auctions, Comics4Kids.org, and John Chruscinski of Tropic Comics, among others.

Overstreet's Comic Price Review also includes pricing and information on selected other high grade comic character collectibles.

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