David S. Goyer is a man of many talents. Growing up as a comic book fanatic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Goyer went on to enjoy a fruitful career as a screenwriter, film director, novelist, producer and comic book writer. Goyer is an alumnus of Huron High School and the University of Southern California, and also graduated from the School of Cinema-Television in 1988. The following year he sold his first screenplay for Death Warrant, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film follows a police detective who finds himself locked up with a serial killer while undercover in a prison facility. 

Around the same time, Goyer penned the Justice Society of America title JSA for DC Comics. In 1998, Goyer penned the dark superhero film Blade, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Starring Wesley Snipes in the title role, the success of Blade helped set the stage for further comic book film adaptations. Goyer wrote the two subsequent sequels, Blade II and Blade: Trinity, directing the latter. Together with Brannon Braga, he co-created the science fiction TV series FlashForward for ABC. Based on the novel by Robert J. Sawyer this series revolves around several people who see an image of their lives in the future after a mysterious event. 

Returning his focus to feature films and directing, Goyer worked closely with Legendary Pictures. He co-wrote the scripts for all of the films in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Batman Begins grossed over $374 million worldwide with both sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, earning over $1 billion worldwide. Along with this critically-acclaimed franchise, Goyer co-wrote the scripts for the first installment in the DC Extended Universe – Man of Steel. He went on to co-write its sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while also penning a one-step four-week rewrite for Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla reboot. During the same year, Goyer also published his first novel, Heaven’s Shadow.

He later produced three seasons of the historical fantasy drama series Da Vinci’s Demons for Starz and BBC Worldwide, as well as the horror film The Forrest for focus Features. He also developed the television series Constantine based on DC Comics’ John Constantine for NBC and the Superman prequel series Krypton for Syfy. In recent years, Goyer has been quite busy. He was tapped to co-produce and co-write Green Lantern Corps for the DCEU and was hired to take part in the writers room for the next Terminator trilogy. More recently, Goyer has signed on to write and produce the reimagining of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic Hellraiser for Spyglass Media. Read more about this upcoming project here on Scoop